Catch up on 2017-Fiona

I can’t believe I let this go so long… SO many times I thought of things I wanted to write down, but the moment came and went when I heard, “Moooommmm,” and off I went to wipe another nose or get a glass of milk.  I love my girls, and I love being home with them.  It is a gift, they can make me absolutely crazy, but most times they just make me laugh, smile and feel joyful.  They have truly fulfilled the life that Jeff and I have built together.

Both girlies grew so much in 2017.  Willa started preschool and loved it, Fiona finished up Pre-k and started Kindergarten!  Willa climbed her first mountain (not in the back pack at all!), played soccer and learned to swim. Fi learned to read, lost her first tooth, and learned to swim underwater. Willa loves to be moving and play outside.  Fi loves to sing, dance, and do anything dramatic.  Although they do fight, they love each other deeply, care for each other and help one another more often than I can count. So, I embark on the retelling of the year that was 2017.


In early February, Fiona began taking a real interest in reading and writing… As a reading specialist, I’m guessing I had been pushing it a bit, but of course Miss Fi came to it in her own time… She suddenly had an explosion in the words she recognized, starting spelling sight words and one day on the way home from the library picked up a little book and read it to me =)  Since then her vocabulary and love of books has continued to grow.  Since she started K, it has grown exponentially.  I’m so amazed at what she can do.

First book!!

Ballet!  Fiona finished her second year of ballet with an adorable performance in her recital.  She danced to a song from Curious George in an adorable yellow costume. Mimi joined us (poor Grampy was recovering from surgery) and of course we celebrated afterward with dessert out at a restaurant!

On May 27th, Fiona lost her first tooth!!  Her second bottom tooth was not far behind- it popped out on June 21st!

In the spring, Fiona took an extra interest in drawing.  She loved to sketch, use books to help her learn new ways of drawing, and we took many walks where she brought her sketch book along.  Some of my favorite moments from last year were when Fi and I got to hang out on our own, hike somewhere, and then sit and sketch together.

Spring brought swim lessons for both girls- Fi almost learned to jump and go underwater (that wouldn’t come until later in the summer when Willa started to go underwater and of course Fi had to do it too!) But she loves being in the water and is swimming for longer periods of time.  In the summer, she swam all the way out to the raft with no bubble at the lake- quite an accomplishment!


In addition to swim and ballet, Fi also did T-ball for the first time this spring.  At first she was quite apprehensive, we worked on hitting, throwing, and catching a ton in the yard this spring, so she really ended up enjoying it and making great progress!

Fiona’s homerun!


Fi and I took lots of opportunities to hike, play cards at Salt-n-Light, kayak, and have lots of quality time together.  Fi loved being out in the kayak with me (it still scares Willa that we might tip..) But Fi enjoyed taking over and paddling from time to time…. I think next summer, we may need to get her own kayak for her!  It will be a good workout for me when I have to tow it most of the time in the beginning 😉

Fi Paddling

While both girls were in preschool this year for the first time, they went on opposite days (Fi- MWF, Willa, T/TH), so I had one girl with me each morning…. It actually turned out really perfect, as I got to spend tons of time with each of them on their own and do things that were specific to each of my girlies =)

Fiona graduated from Pre-K at Sunshine School in June 2017.  She was a super-star at her graduation ceremony.  Leading her class in, saying what her favorite memory was, singing songs, and receiving her diploma.  I definitely teared up when I thought about what a big girl she had become- where has the time gone!?!? So bittersweet… I loved her preschool, the teachers are amazing, I loved that I still had her around most days… But I knew she was ready— and that kindergarten would be amazing for her.



So much more to say, but I just have to get something finished =)

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