Valentinsey Day

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  • Willa handing me a picture she drew a few days before Valentines day and saying, “This is to fill you with joy and love.”
  • Fi giving her gifts of hugs. “Mom, I have a gift for you, can you come here?”
  • When I asked Willa what dress she wanted to wear, she chose the one with hearts on it declaring, “It is more valentinsey!”
  • Cookie decorating 😉
  • making valentines— seeing how much the girls have learned lately— Fi wrote out all her valentines spelling “love and to” so easily. Willa wrote her name on all her valentines and you could read it 😉 Also, Fi was so thoughtful about what she made- she told me she wanted to make cats, so I bought her a bunch of supplies and she designed them herself. Willa on the other hand, is a bit more abstract with her art— she drew with glitter glue, then put googly eyes all over the doily.  “This ones for Lukas, it’s silly and he’s silly.” (Lukas is a boy in her preschool class)
  • Both girls woke up really early- Willa came downstairs at 6:30 and told me, “I’m up for Valentines Day.”
  • Their excitement over a glitter trail and surprises left by Juliet the Valentines Day Fairy (from the Rainbow Magic chapter books that we read over and over again to them…)
  • Tulips and bears from daddy.




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