One-Armed Christmas

At some point in December, I feared that everyone in our family would be in a sling by Christmas— grasping presents with one hand and tearing paper with our teeth… But thankfully things actually began to turn around and the holly, jolly Christmas season was just that.  Jeff’s surgery went well and he was feeling better and out of a sling. Willa had tossed her sling aside and was back to her old self.  A little good news was all I wished for this Christmas and it was exactly what I got. Although most of us were sick through the holidays, that didn’t stop us from enjoying every precious moment.

Highlights included:

The holiday season started on Thanksgiving when Candice and the gang came up for turkey dinner!  We played flag football in the front yard- Willa and Fiona were the captains, which meant, Fi picked all girls and Willa picked the boys… It was pretty funny!

Making cookies with Mel and the kids- last year we did this together and it was so much fun– this year was equally fun- we laughed, splashed sprinkles all over my house, and ate endless amounts of sugar =). The kids all work together to frost and decorate. Mel had big plans for elegant cookies and new baking projects that sort of worked out and we all got a laugh while trying to “make them look like the picture.” Then, this year, all the kids curled up together and watched a movie (well, my kids watched and Mel’s kids snuggled while on their phones =) while Mel and I continued to bake and chat in the kitchen… It’s so nice to get these little snip-its of time with my sister. We never have enough time to catch up and really talk as the speed of life takes over.  These moments are special to me.

I had a great day with the girls when we went to get our tree.  We missed Jeff- it wasn’t the same with him home recovering from surgery, but we had fun, nonetheless… We took a hayride, visited Santa, picked out a tree and went to lunch! The girls were perfect and fun!

Holiday Shows at Sunshine School! Both girls had little shows this year at school- Willa’s was more of a sing-a-long while Fiona’s was a littler performance.  Both girls looked dashing in their red dresses.  I couldn’t get over how grown up Fi looked (sniff, sniff).  They were so sweet at each other’s performances— watched and clapped and then helped each other with their crafts.  I gave myself (and the girls) a little pat  on the back as they cooperated so sweetly and other siblings were arguing (proud mommy moment- I’ll take ’em when I can get ’em).

Fi’s holiday show- singing

Willa singing at her show =)

Football with Friends!  We spent a couple of weekend days/nights watching the Pats play with friends.  The kids are finally old enough that we can leave them to their own devices, feed them, then put  amovie on— all while we actually get to hang out with our friends, eat yummy food, have a drink, and watch football!!  Bonus!!

Christmas Eve- This year, we had no specific plans on Christmas Eve, so we had a totally relaxing day with the girls.  We baked and decorated cookies, watched football, played outside, did some little woodworking projects and played lots of games.  As it was getting dark out, the girls and I took a “scooter ride” around the block and then when we got back, they sprinkled reindeer food on the back lawn for Santa… As they sprinkled the food, they made wishes for themselves sand wishes for other friends and family members 🙂 We finally headed to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, drove around and admired the lights while singing Jingle Bells (over and over, along with a couple others, lol).  When we returned home, we left cookies for Santa and the girls headed to bed.

Christmas Day- Girls slept in relatively… Fi got up around 6:50 and Willa a bit later. We opened stockings in our bed, then headed down for the good stuff.  Their favorite gifts were the Lion Guard training center, Pony castle, slot car racing track, and mining for gems and fossils. They both got new books that they love and board games.  Fiona was a quick study for the rules for Guess Who and it has become one of her favorites.Willa got Lion Guard Memory and she has gotten really good at remembering where the matches are…

After breakfast and some playtime we were off to Mimi and Grampy’s house for round 2— girls opened stockings, many, many gifts- highlights were penguin Play Mobile for Fiona, a new 2 wheeled scooter, and Equestria Girls toys.  Fi also got the Big Book of Girl Power and we have read it almost every night =) Willa loved her new baby, Shimmer and Shine toys, and new Digger books. It was awesome to spend the rest of the day eating and hanging out with Mom, Dad, Mel, James, and the kids. Maddie, Hayley, and Ty are so good to my girls— they play and play and play even though they are so much older.  Maddie even put Fi to bed both nights we were there =) (a real treat for us!). We searched for the pickle which I believe that Maddie found this year (with all the kids, most of us adults have been pushed out from under the tree, lol). Fi was the pickle queen last year (with help from Jeff, wink, wink…)

The next day we headed to Grandmere and Grandmere’s house for round 3— The girls favorites were nice new marker sets, the board game Sum Swamp and sleeping bags. They had them unrolled in the sitting room and playing inside of them 🙂

Disney on Ice- Again this year, the girls got an evening at Disney on Ice as a part of their Christmas presents. We had to brave a snow storm here in Pepperell to get on the road, but thankfully in Boston it was only rain. We had a “magical evening” once again- the girls munched on popcorn, danced at their seats, and each bought a souvenir with their “pickle money.” (At my mom’s house, everyone’s a winner at the pickle game no matter who actually finds it =) After the show, we decided not to go out to dinner in Boston because of the weather, so we headed back our direction, then stopped to eat. We had a lovely meal, everyone sat and chatted, played games on their placemats, and ate their dinner. I put them into jammies in the bathroom before we left and two sleepy, happy children slipped off to dreamland on the way home. We easily transferred them to their beds and were happy with a win all around that night!

Disney on Ice Finale…

New Years! We had another fun New Years with our friends Nate and Anne.  The kids were crazy and running around the house having fun all evening… We all sat down together for spaghetti dinner, the kids had their own “champagne” toast and dessert and then they were off to bed.  Getting the four kids to sleep was quite an experience— we have rethought our bedtime routine for the next sleepover, but overall, we had a great time.  After the kids were finally out, the four of us, just sat and chatted on the couch– it felt so peaceful and cozy.  We woke Nate up for the midnight toast and then they gathered their kids up and headed home. The next morning, we went sledding and had a lot of fun out in the snow with the girls!

Happy 2017! img_20161231_193944008


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