Super Fiona’s 5th Birthday!

Fiona decided on a superhero party and she was sooo excited to invite all of her preschool friends for the first time this year.  We had a fun-filled, busy weekend- her friend party on Saturday and our family up on Sunday- complete with a superhero bounce house, piñata and Wonder Woman cake!

singing to Fiona!

Fiona has grown in so many ways this fall— Five seems to be a big year- she suddenly seems so mature and changing so much all the time. She is intense in everything she does- intensely kind, thoughtful, and smart. She thrives on routine and loves to have “alone time” playing games or reading with Jeff or I. She and Willa play together and often they are giggling and playing. At other times, they can’t be in the same room for two minutes without  crying and whining…. such is life with two girls… I just hope they continue to giggle and play as much as they cry and whine, lol…

Fiona continues to love books. She loves all books from board books to chapter books…  Fiona has developed an array of wide and varied interest that are all her own.  She loves to draw and color with markers, oil pastels, paints, crayons, etc…  It seems to calm her and she often gets a very serene, yet intense look on her face while coloring.  She loves yoga, to dance, sing and continues to enjoy her ballet class. Music is a huge part of her life- listening to all types of music (Flaming Lips, Feist, “put it on my playlist!” Laurie Berker -kids music, Music from TV shows, Equestria Girl Movies, and MLP). Fi loves to play princesses and fairies, but has also developed an affinity for superheroes (Wonder Woman) and Legos. She is getting really good at following the directions and putting the Legos together with minimal help.

Fiona also loves to play board games and card games.  Her favorites are Crazy Eights, Uno, and Cars and Trucks, Candyland, and Sequence.  One of my favorite things to do with her is to go to Salt-n-Light (a little café) and get coffee (and juice and pumpkin bread) and play games in comfy chairs by the window.  We can linger and hang out for a couple of hours.  She is so fun to hang out with =) I mentioned in an earlier post that she likes doing math and adding and subtracting numbers, I can watch her concentrate and try to add the numbers in her head. If I ask her if she wants help, she rubs her forehead and just says, “Give me a minute.” Then, usually comes up with the answer!!

Both of our girls love to be outside.  Fi likes to take walks with Kota and I, hike by the river, swim, swim, swim!  and ride her scooter and bike.  Learning to ride her bike with training wheels was a big deal for her this summer and she was so proud when she finally did it.  All it took was her getting over her fear of getting started or feeling like she “couldn’t do it”— then she was flying!

Fi riding her bike for 1st time!

riding bikes


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