Fall Fun, Firsts, and Falls…

Willa had her first day of school this fall at the Sunshine School.  She knows the place well after dropping Fi off for 2 years, so she jumped in with both feet and hasn’t looked back. She loves school, exuberant and full of energy, as usual.  She finds joy in everything-  she happily goes in everyday, is excited to see her new friends and is proud of her projects and the new things she learns each day.  If Fi tells me about something at school, Willa gets all excited and says, “We have that at my school too!” (It’s the same place, lol…)  The other day, she told us about how Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and is getting better at writing her name and drawing people.

Fiona also had her first day back at school- this year as a Pre-K kid, going M, W, Friday. She continues to love school, soak up every tidbit of information they teach her and is a social butterfly =) She has been learning more about sounds that letters makes, spells a ton of words on her own (mom, dad, Fiona, Willa, Kota, dog, to, love) and improved her handwriting. The biggest gain in her learning I’ve noticed this fall is her abilities with numbers- she has started adding and subtracting numbers in her head, or by adding the smaller number to the bigger number. She is proud to show off her math facts— “What’s four plus four? Eight!!”

Fiona also tried soccer this fall.  She immediately said she loved it and her favorite part in the beginning was to “meet kids from Pepperell.” But then as she practiced more, she seemed to enjoy running around and dribbling and stealing the ball (especially from me in the front yard…) It took her some time to get the hang of the quick pace of the game and at times had a hard time “keeping up with the ball.” Sometimes, she was admiring a friend’s hair or noticing that they had the same shin guards =) Again, social butterfly… She loved it, worked hard, made great strides, got great exercise and tried something new ! yay, Fiona!!

And Willa’s first for the fall, would be a fall, literally… She is giving Jeff and I more gray hairs than we ever could have imagined… kidney surgeries, ear tubes, hearing loss, swallowing a nickel and then… Willa tipped over in a stool at the breakfast counter one morning.  I was right there in the kitchen with her and watched it happen as if it were in slow motion and I couldn’t catch her. She cried after she fell and it took me a LONG time to get her calm. Once she was finally calm, she moved and started sobbing all over again. I just knew something was wrong in my gut. So, I took her into the doc, she was X-rayed and they found a crack in her collarbone.  The only thing we could do while it healed was to keep it in a sling and keep her immobile (an impossible task…). The first few days and nights were really rough. The first night she slept on me on the couch and woke up crying every few minutes.  Then, the next few nights, I slept in her bed with her and she would wake up every so often in pain. After a few days, she started to feel better and she wanted to get back to her usual routine of climbing, running, and jumping… The first couple of weeks were rough… she hated being held back, but we had to— I tried all sorts of stuff to keep her busy, yet calm… Their pre-school was so helpful and amazing- While I kept Willa out of school for about two weeks, they let Fiona go 5 days so I could focus on Willa at home. They came out to get Fi each morning and brought her out each day so I didn’t have to take Will in and out of the car seat.  The car seat was the worst part 😦 But, she has healed, we got good news at her last X-ray and doc appointment– in 3 months, she’ll be as good as new lol

Jeff’s fall was full of mri’s, pain, and suffering right along with Willa… He hurt his shoulder while camping in August, which we think was an old injury from when he broke his arm, lying in wait… Poor guy tore his labrum, had a bone spur, and had a tear in his rotator cuff. He did physical therapy for a couple of months, but to no avail… So he had surgery at the beginning of December, right in the midst holiday of the season… total craziness- I got the tree with the girls and set it up, shopped and provided the general merriment (needless to say, I’m still exhausted, lol) Thankfully, the surgery went well, it was the “best possible scenario” with surgery and was able to take the sling off in three days.  He was up and around after a week and in great shape for Christmas- helped with wrapping, toy production, and what not. He’s in PT now, doing well, playing guitar as therapy and feeling better each day =)

And finally, I had a little first of my own… I flew on a plane for the first time since we had kids this past fall.  Jeff surprised me with a ticket to NC to visit my old college roommate who had just moved there… Melanie and I had a great weekend hanging out with her kids, chatting on her deck, drinking beer and even went out one night!  It was great fun and I felt so lucky that we could fall back into our friendship so easily after not seeing each other for so long.

Happy Fall!

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