Yeehaw, It’s Willa’s 3rd Birthday!

Image result for horse clip art Willa has been really into horses lately, so she wanted a pony/Sheriff Callie party— so we decorated with hay bales, played “Ring Toss the Bandits,” earned sheriff badges and had funny wild west props… Her “cake” was cupcakes in the shape of a pony.

Willa is a funny and sassy kid. She loves to dress up as a princess, but also as Superman (“NO, I’m not Super Girl, I’m Superman!”) She loves Catboy from PJ Masks, running, climbing, and singing. Her favorite food is any kind of noodle (“Noo-nles”), yogurt, fruits, veggies, and ice cream.  She loves the pool as long as she has her bubble on and playing at the lake. We often take walks in the woods near our home with Kota and Willa has been hiking more and more without needing the backpack.

Her favorite books are about diggers and trucks and Magic Treehouse books.  For her birthday, she got the books, I Stink (about a garbage truck), I’m Dirty (about a digger), and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. She got a scooter that she LOVES to ride around on and a new BIG big girl bed!   Willa also learned to ride a bike with training wheels this summer, worked on writing her name and got ready for her first day of preschool!!

Willa singing

Willa singing II

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