Beach Days 2016

Every summer, we spend many, many days at the beach. Days in Old Lyme consist of cousins, crabbing, and sunsets and pizza at the beach.

On one particular day, it was scorching hot, the sand was burning so we had pulled all our chairs up to the edge of the water. The tide was high, so it was hard for the girls to go in and out on their own… I started digging the girls a hole and immediately Mel took over the digging. My sister can dig an enormous hole in record time- you blink and she’s got a hole dug where kids could get lost for the day. Once we finished filling it with water, they just continuously splashed in, yelling, “Cannonball!!”


We lingered at the beach until the sun was low in the sky, like a giant orange ball and the scorching heat had turned to gentle warmth on your face; the best time of the day in my opinion… We ordered pizza, ate from the box off of boogie boards and truly enjoyed being together.  Mel had races with the kids down the beach, Jeff took them to the raft, and they had handstand competitions.  I got to spend time with my Mum as we watched all the “kids” play together. 😉

Crab Races with Mel

We also took the kids up to Newburyport a few times at the end of the summer.  Each day was beautiful, fun, and perfect =) Our days consisted of:

  • Full day at the beach- riding waves, sandcastles/holes to jump in, walking on the beach, climbing the jetty
  • Change and drive into Newburyport
  • Trip to the candy shop in town
  • Playground
  • Dinner- one night we just got pizza, the other couple of nights we went to Michael’s Harborside- on a particularly perfect night, we sat on the deck, sipped drinks, ate, and watched the boats come in and out of the harbor. We walked along the boardwalk back to the car while the girls danced around and jumped off of everything they could climb up =)

There’s just something about the sun, the sand, and the waves that make for the perfect day! Add in family, love, food, and drinks and you have the an unbeatable combination!

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