Swimming Progress

Fi continues to make progress swimming- she loves the water!  At the lake she swims around confidently and in our pool she rarely wears a bubble at all (and it’s still over her head, so she swims a lot!) She has even become adept at putting her head underwater, jumping off the edge of the pool, and swimming a couple of strokes underwater =)

swimming underwater at the lake!!!!!

Willa is a bit stalled out in the swimming department- she goes in the pool on her own, but always wears her bubble and sometimes a float too… She likes to wear her puddle jumper at the lake so she can “swim” and float out over her head.  We have to convince her to take it off and “practice swimming…” But, as I remember it, Fi wouldn’t even let go of us in the pool at this age, so I think we are ahead of the game!


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