Spring into Summer

We took the girls to “Day Out with Thomas” this spring with my parents. We rode the train, the rides, and the girls had their faces painted.  Willa is totally into trains and Thomas, so she was so excited.  When the train started moving, she was awe struck- a little unsure.  She just looked out the window, with a very serious look on her face- she wouldn’t sit with us, but we could tell she was scared.  Finally, she warmed up and enjoyed the ride.  When she met Sir Topham Hat, she hugged him. She calls him “Top Hat” and pretends that Jeff is “Top Hat.” At dinner, he has to tell “Thomas” (AKA Willa) to eat her dinner.  “Thomas, if you want to be a really useful engine, you need to eat your dinner…”

After riding the train and the amusement rides, we went to a late lunch.  Fi slept the entire time at the restaurant and Willa slept all the way home while Fi munched on her lunch in the car.  A good day =)


Fiona’s preschool field trip to the farm was a hit with both girls.  Last year, Willa chased chickens and bunnies and grabbed them by the ears- not so much fun.  Last year, Fi refused to leave when it was time- no fun…

But this year both girls were gentle with the animals and (reluctantly) came when it was time to go.  The got to feed llamas, chickens, and bunnies, hold baby chicks, spin wool into yarn and munch on popcorn the whole time…

In other “school related news” Willa tried out a day at preschool.  She was so excited!!  She packed a little bag and proudly carried it on her shoulder.  She took a walk with the class, did a project and was good at “meeting time.” She stayed for about 2 hours and could have stayed longer.  She has been running around that place for 2 years with Fi, so she is super comfortable and the two teachers are super sweet to her.  That following weekend, she kept packing her bag at home and waving goodbye to me and pretending to go off to school again in the other room.

Fi had her last day of school for the summer last week. She had a great year- continuing to be super friendly, loved by the kids in her class and continuing to work on her listening ears =) One more year of preschool will be so good for her as she matures each day. She loves to bring books to school, remembers every fact they teach her, loves to rhyme words, and now orally segments words into their sounds.  She will sound words out on these new word puzzles that we have.  She knows her letters and sounds and is super ready to read.  She is counting way above 20 and is always asking me, “What comes next after 29?” After I tell her 30, she can then follow the pattern and count all the way to 39, then ask again, “What comes next?” =) She likes to sort objects and play teacher and write the numbers for me and simple addition sentences.

Our first big hike of the season… Fi walked the entire way- over two miles and up some elevation.  It was a hot day, so we had some minor complaints, but overall, I’d say it was a win.  Willa rode in the backpack a bit, especially on the way down, but she did great as well.  The girls loved finding walking sticks and Fi was trying out her super stealthy Ninja moves (like the Rescue Princesses do in the chapter books that we read to her,) She kept sneaking up on Jeff and he had to pretend not to know what was going on.  We had lunch at the summit, the girls ran around and then we headed back.

The fun continues with our friends that we spent New Years with..  We’ve already enjoyed a couple of evening BBQs with the kids— kiddie pools with kids running wild, yummy food, cocktails, and s’mores.  Good times with good people.


Pool is up and already seeing plenty of action.  Fi was in it at 8am one morning 😉 Hello Summer, we are ready for you!!


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