Our Little Ballerina

Fiona started ballet in the fall and her class culminated with a recital this spring.  She practiced her little heart out (but, wouldn’t show us any of her recital moves, it was a surprise, hehe). She thoroughly enjoyed going to class each week (I did not enjoy the half hour it took us to get ready each week- tights, leotard, and the perfect ballet bun…) She had one of her little friends form Preschool in class with her and when it was time for class to start, they would prance down the hallway together hand-in-hand…

As we got closer to recital time, Fi was so excited, she practiced on the big stage one time for a dress rehearsal and then her recital was on Friday, May 13th.  She got to wear her fancy leotard, special bun and MAKEUP (with fancy red lipstick which she was so thrilled about!

We waited through almost the entire 2 and a half hour show before Fi’s class finally came on stage.  She was glorious— waving to the crowd (repeatedly waving.. to a crowd roaring with adoring laughter)… But, did her moves, followed her routine, and smiled the entire time!!

After the show, my sister picked her up and she proudly proclaimed to her, “I was great, wasn’t I?”  All the time, energy and bun tying was worth it for her to feel that way =) Love her!!  And love, love, my sister for coming with Hayley, Maddie and Tyler.  The kids kept Willa in her seat and busy through the whole, very long show (candy and lollipops helped too =) At one point, it was really cute— One of the songs from the show was from one of Willa’s new fave TV show, The Lion Guard— Willa totally freaked on Maddie’s lap and screamed, “Lion Guard, Lion Guard!!”

I have some pics and a video from the performance on the way (we couldn’t take any photos/videos in there) and will add them, but until then, here are a few that we took!

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