Fi’s first book

After playing this fairytale game one morning, Fi told the most amazing story with the characters.  Luckily, I started recording it, so we turned it into a book.  I typed it up for her and she illustrated it!  She “dedicated” it to Willa, so Willa absolutely loves it… She says it’s about “Princess Willa!”

Fi’s story

Fi loves to tell stories, draw, paint, and she has been into “doing math” lately too.  We count out these little fruits and veggies and then make up addition problems to solve.  She loves drawing the answer on the chalkboard and then “teaching me” the answer 🙂




2 thoughts on “Fi’s first book

  1. Tell Fiona Grand-pere and I just LOVE her story book!! Amazing!! She’s another math wizard in the making. How wonderful…hugs from us both..i can’t wait to see her book…

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