Happy New Year!

We had about a couple of year hiatus from celebrating New Years- two babies tend to tire you out and your friends aren’t really up for dragging their kids out either- but this year we had our friends Nate and Anne over.  They have two children- Madigan and Kelan.  Madigan is Fiona’s age and Kelan is Willa’s age and they all love each other- big hugs when they meet up and playdates often.

A strange story how we met…  I was in line at CVS when I was 8 months pregnant with Willa (and Fi was trying to buy every piece of candy on the shelf). Anne was in front of me with Madigan and also very pregnant.  We struck up a conversation and even exchanged emails… Babies were born and we never got in touch.  A month later Fi, newborn Willa, and I started a music class and guess who was there????  Yup, Anne, Madigan ad newborn Kelan.  We had a couple of playdates here and there and soon Anne and I became great friends.  She is a wonderfully warm and friendly person who seems to get me =)  The kids love each other and it is nice to have a friend close by…  They are a happy little pack of gremlins when they are together, which is often =)

On New years, we had a semi-sleepover- Madigan slept in Fi’s room and Kelan in Willa’s until Nate and Anne whisked them home after midnight 🙂 It was fun, they even brought their new puppy, Milo, so even Kota had a buddy.  We shared a late dinner with friends, talked without kids tugging on our sleeves and celebrated the New Year. Cheers!

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