Being the Second Born…

… Your first hair cut is not the major production that the first born’s was…  I took Fi to the hairdresser, took nine million pics, and saved a snip of her hair (somewhere?!?!?)

Then, throw in the fact that Willa has super curly hair and even my hairdresser gave me permission to cut it myself and it becomes just another Wednesday evening…  Post bath, we gave it a trim in the bathroom and she was done… And being the second born, it was allll gooood with her =)

And, Willa’s hair is still super curly… don’t think these are just baby curls, I think they are here to stay on my beautiful baby (oops, I mean “Big Girl.” Right now, I can’t call her by any other names except “Willa” or “Big Girl.”  If I call her something like,  “Sweetie or Munchkin,” she says, “No Mommy, Big Girl!”)

I know I’m her mom, and may be biased, but I can’t handle her cuteness, sassy personality and I love her laugh.  Willa is always laughing- genuine joy or trying to joke (or bother Fi) by going, “ha-ha!”

Doesn’t matter when this munchkin was born, I love, love, love her.



2 thoughts on “Being the Second Born…

  1. No Grand-mere we were just in front of her crib on the floor…but I can’t say I haven’t ever gone in the crib before to make her laugh!

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