‘Tis the Season…

Highlights:  Baking cookies, getting and decorating a tree, driving around looking at lights, going to the Nutcracker with Fiona, Fi’s school party, Christmas eve with Jeff’s family, Christmas morning at home and with my family, and Disney on Ice.

We started the holiday season the week after Thanksgiving when we went to get our Christmas tree.  We spent the morning looking around at a couple of places, went to lunch and then finally found a tree.  It turned out to be “the tale of two days…” The morning was fun, although we didn’t find a tree at the first place we went to, the girls got to see a bunch of live animals and they each had a pony ride.  We then went to lunch where they were so good again… We had to wait for a table, but they were good and everybody ate, played and had a good time.  We should have cut our losses there and just gotten a tree at a roadside stand on the way home, but I was being stubborn and really wanted to cut our own down because they last longer.  We went to another farm, got a tree, had hot cocoa and sat by a bonfire… Sounds fun, right? It was until we tried to leave.  Neither girl wanted to go, pitched huge fits and we carried two screaming kids to the car- it was quite a spectacle… The worst part, they didn’t have any tall trees either, so we ended up getting a pre-cut one from that place— hahahahaha, I can laugh about it now… I guess.

Fi teaching Jeff ballet in front of the tree =)

The following weekend, my sister and the kids came up to visit and decorate Christmas cookies.  We had so much fun decorating cookies (although I think I’m still vacuuming sprinkles off the floor…) Mel and I got to hang out and bake some of our old favorites and of course Maddie, Hayley, and Tyler were angels and played with the girls all day long.

At the end of the day with my sister, Fiona and I had a special night out.  We went to see The Nutcracker ballet.  She has been so into ballet lately, that I figured I’d give it a try.  She was sooooo excited when I told her we were going.  Her and I got “all dressed up” and I even curled her hair. On the way there, she loved pointing out all of the Christmas lights we saw along the way.  She was just amazing- the whole evening was amazing.  She sat in my lap the entire time, mesmerized by the show.  She clapped so emphatically when the curtain closed- it was so cute!  At the intermission, we had a snack together and she got a nutcracker picture holder to take home.  The whole night was so special.  She talked to me most of the way home and fell asleep when we were on our road.  I carried her up into the house in her big puffy dress, Jeff and I changed her into her pj’s and put her to bed without her even waking up 🙂

The girls were so cute about visiting Santa this year and sitting on his lap- last year Willa was terrified- they snapped one picture before she started screaming and Fi was totally unsure of the big guy.  This year, they were super excited to see him- they both drew him pictures, ran over gave him hugs and sweetly sat on his lap.  Fiona wanted to tell him that she wanted a ballerina and a stuffed penguin and Willa wanted Einsteins (Willa says, “Ine-nines”)  Will they get their wishes?  Find out later in the post…

Fiona had a little Christmas party at school- she insisted on wearing her big red dress (the one she wore to the Nutcracker) and had to have her hair curled again… My fashion Diva… Fiona’s class sang songs, did a craft, and gave each parent a gift.  One thing that I love about her school is that for each holiday they stress the ideas of giving, thankfulness, and love.

Christmas Eve: We had Jeff’s family over- It was a wonderful day- full of fun, good cheer, presents, happiness, and food! The girls munched on junk food, played with Cassidy (who is a saint- Fiona drags her around the house and she sweetly plays along!), and opened tons of presents 🙂

Fi singing at the dinner table

Fi singing continued…

Christmas Morning— bless our little children’s hearts- nobody was up at the crack of dawn.  Fi was up at 7am and hung out in our bed with us watching cartoons and eating donuts for almost an hour.  Then we let her start opening her stocking and Willa finally got up a little after 8am.  And then the onslaught of presents began— And I know, you are dying to know if they got what they asked for from Santa… Of course!! Santa never disappoints- score one for Team Mommy and Daddy…   Fiona had wished for a stuffed penguin and a ballerina and Willa wanted Little Einsteins- all those items and a lot more were under the tree.  One of my favorite gifts was the Puppet Theater that Jeff built for the girls.  But, that is a whole other post when I post some of their “performances.”  It was another great day that ended with being and at Mimi and Grampy’s house in the late afternoon.

Willa Singing

Hard to believe that we would want to be outside the day after Christmas, let alone at the beach, but it was really that warm.  Of course, the girls had their shoes off again and got their toes wet, but it definitely wasn’t warm enough to go in like they did in November… I suppose I have to draw the line somewhere, lol…

Just three days after Christmas, we headed into Boston to see Disney on Ice (one of the girls’ Xmas presents).  It was such an awesome evening- everything just seemed to work out for us and the girls had an amazing time- When it first started, it was like Fi couldn’t believe it was real- she sat crossed legged in her seat with an entranced look on her face- not quite smiling, just amazed.  Then she warmed up and she and Willa spent a lot of time jumping up and down in front of their seats.   We munched on tasty treats and they even sold beer, so Jeff and I enjoyed a couple.  After the show, we ventured over to Cambridge to one of our old stomping grounds- girls came to our old favorite bar with us for dinner.  The bar wasn’t quite the same (I guess we are getting old, lol), but it was still a great time.  I changed the girls into PJ’s in the bathroom at the bar and then we carried them out to the car!   The four of us sang songs in the car on the way home and Fi asked, “Why are we up so late?” 🙂


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