Fall and Halloween

My New Years Resolution— To catch up on my blog and stay caught up…


Beautiful mild weather and healthy children dominated our fall.  We went apple picking, spent time on the farm, visited the dinosaur park in OL,  hiked, and of course, trick-or-treated… And in November, the girls played in the ocean in CT… like I said, mild weather…

The fall began when everyone started back to school- unfortunately Jeff had to go back to work, Fi started back to preschool, Willa continued speech and I went back to my fall tutoring schedule, making our days totally crazy compared to the summer.

Hikes with the girls- most of my little hikes ended up being with Willa and Kota while Fiona was at preschool…

Apples and Pumpkin Picking- the girls love Parlee Farm- they run around in a hay bale maze, it has an enormous pumpkin patch and they get to feed the animals too. We also visited a small farm in Groton where you just pick your own and leave money for the apples- totally quiet and we were the only ones on the farm 🙂

In October, we visited OL and went to the dinosaur park in CT. The girls had a ton of fun with Mimi and Grampy and their cousins Hayley and Ty.

Halloween- Fiona was Hiccup, the main character from the books/movies, How to Train Your Dragon.  I thought it was cool because Hiccup is a boy… There is a girl dragon rider, but Fi insisted on being Hiccup (I think because he rides her favorite dragon names Toothless…) Willa was Anna from the movie, Frozen.  She is obsessed with Anna and even some days would make me call her Anna… So it was the obvious choice 🙂  I made all of Fiona’s costume this year and made part of Willa’s.  For Fiona’s, I lined her boots with fur, glued leather to a shirt, and made her fur vest. I also made her shield (which was what I was most proud of :-).  For Willa’s, I bought the Anna dress, but made the cape and a fur lined hat.

And Thanksgiving!  First, we went to Grandmere and Grandpere’s house for dinner and then we went to Mel’s house for a second dinner and dessert.  The girls had so much fun- they got to see all of their cousins in one day!!!!

The day after Thanksgiving was amazing- mild weather, so we went down to the beach for a walk… Turns out to be really warm and the girls end up in the water.  It was so much fun and they thought it was sooo funny to be in the water in November!!

Finally, just all the fun stuff we do it home— I have all of these pics of our daily life at home because I try to send Jeff pics often while he is at work, so I end up with all these great pics of what we do everyday… Play with cars, shaving cream, they even help me unload the dishwasher and fold laundry 🙂  And we love playing in our backyard- this fall we had a lot of fun in the leaf piles.  One night we were out there for hours until it got dark- the girls were just running around and jumping into the leaf pile off of the corn hole boxes and using the stomp rocket.  We even ordered a pizza, had it delivered and just ate it when it arrived right out in the backyard! So fun!!

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