Fiona’s 4th birthday

Fiona has grown leaps and bounds lately. She is active, talkative (of course) and has an amazing vocabulary and imagination.  She loves pretend play- dressing up like a princess and acting out the ENTIRE movie.  Cinderella (complete with kicking her glass slipper off down the hallway), Tangled (Rapunzel)- we act it out and sing along to the soundtrack, and Frozen…

She has also become ballet obsessed and recently started a ballet class.  It is her and a few other equally sweet girls in their pink ballet skirts and ballet slippers spinning around the studio watching themselves in the wall of mirrors as they go 🙂 adorable.

She is also into chapter books— it all started a while back with the Rainbow fairies- I think Jeff and I have read hundreds of those books.  Every morning, Fiona is up early before Willa.  So, she and I curl up on the couchIMG_20151015_070021692 with coffee for me and juice or cocoa for her. We snuggle under a blanket and read a chapter book. We talk, laugh, and share special moments.  The other day, Fiona said to me, “Mommy, I love our special time together.” Melted my heart.  Lately, we have branched out to other books and she is currently way into the Magic Tree House Series- when we go to the library, she sits down and carefully chooses her “Jack and Annie” book along with a fairy book.


Fiona still loves to be outside- we take walks in the woods, she rides her new scooter around the block, and loves the playground. We often play in the backyard- fixing up fairy houses, playing pirates on the swing set and walking back in the woods to the old canoe where we pretend to paddle different places… At the end of the summer, we had gone to the weekly farmer’s market, where we played “bunnies and farmer” with her little friend, Madigan.  It’s pretty simple, they are the bunnies, I’m the farmer, and they steal my vegetables 😉  Fiona loved all aspects of the farmer’s market. We would walk around together, choose veggies, then sit on the hill and listen to music and eat what we bought.  One afternoon, she ate plums, whole carrots, and an entire pint of sweet orange tomatoes… So fun!

Dancing at the Farmer’s Market

Fiona’s birthday did not disappoint— it was a solid week of princess tea parties 🙂 First, we had my friend Liz over with her kids- Ava, Sadie, and James. My girls dressed up and Liz’s girls painted their faces.  They painted tea cups, had “tea” and yummy cupcakes. Then she had more friends over the next day- we had a picnic tea party in the grass, the kids ran around the backyard, painted, pretended to fight the dragons (the adults), and again had cupcakes and princess cookies (frosted cookies in the shape a crowns and glass slippers). Then we had her family party on Sunday- more cake and cupcakes, a pinata and her cousins!!!

Willa sings to Fiona

We sing to Fi

My favorite things about Fiona- her imagination, her healthy appetite (she eats everything- unlike her sister…), our “special time together” in the morning, reading anything with her, the way she can get engrossed in pretend play with her ponies or princesses and tell the whole story with her toys, her smile (with her two front teeth hanging over her lip, Her sweet, fiery personality.

Interview with Fiona

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