Willa’s 2nd Birthday

Willa at her two-year old check up:

Kidneys- checked via ultrasound and given the all-clear!!!

Ears- tubes still in and apparently doing their job…

Height- 36 inches (78%)                  Weight- 26 lbs. (41%)

Favorite Books- anything about trucks or trains, Little Blue Truck, Lift the flap Truck book, Curious George, Corduroy, Cat in the Hat, she suddenly loves Fi’s chapter books too- she takes a chapter book in the car or in her crib at nap…

Reading— Willa is really into reading books herself lately.  She carefully flips through each page, examining the pictures, then she points to the words with her finger and says, “ee-i-ee-i-eei…) Willa loves to find a book and say, “Me!” And she opens it herself and “reads.” She takes books in her crib at night and looks at them until she falls asleep or I go in her room in the morning to get her up and she is laying on her back with her knees up flipping through books.

Favorite Videos- Little Einsteins “Ein-nine, Ein-nine!!  June, Annie!!!!”)  Pat, pat, pat- she does all the motions along with the characters on the show.

Favorite Toys- Trucks, trains, dress-up with Fiona, sand toys, blocks, ponies

Favorite Activities- ANYTHING Outside— “out, out, out,” she says and points out the window, swing set, climbing around on the hill and in the woods, walks, going to the park, the library (Seeing Bandit and “Boo,” the guinea pigs at the library), dancing, reading books

She loves to ride her tricycle and swing on the glider on the swing set.

She loves the dog- she loves to feed her, give her treats, call to her when she’s barking.

She is super cuddly- especially when she first wakes up in the morning or after nap, she will just lay on the couch hugging you…

Her vocabulary grows every day.  Her speech has taken off- new words all the time- finally clearly says, “mama (and now Mommy) and dada, Di (Fi), O-na, (Fiona), Koko (Kota), Mimi, Gugu (Grampy, Grandmere and Grandpere share that one ;-), haylelelele, Ma-me (Maddie), me, Wi-wu (Willa), he-he (here), eat, pee-pee, poo, peeee (please) tons of other names, objects, etc… Two word phrases- “with Daddy.” “more push”  “in here” And her favorite being- “help me” which she uses to mean, help her or when she wants to help me do something like unload the dishwasher (she takes all the silverware out and throws it all into the drawer… she also will put away all the Tupperware). The other day she was being stubborn in the bathroom and swatted my hand away when I tried to help her turn on the light and said, “Help me, NO!”  Woohoo, that’s three words!  She puts together two syllables like “Donut, candy, O-na, potty, ai-plane,”

Willa’s words


She is super interested in the potty and is just about potty trained- most mornings we are home she wears underwear and we have even ventured out a couple of times to friend’s houses…  Haven’t changed a “yucky” diaper in a couple of weeks…

Smart and sneaky- she feeds her dinner to the dog, tries to feed the dog dog food multiple times a day, asks to go pee every night as I put her into her crib (of course, I can’t say no if I’m trying to get her to go to the potty— and usually, she goes…) so many little things all day long done with a sly smile that is hard to resist…

We had a lovely “week” of celebrating our girl’s birthday. A fun garden party with fishing, scavenger hunt and make your own sundaes with her friends, pinata and fun with our family, and then construction cupcakes on her real birthday.

Singing to Willa

3 thoughts on “Willa’s 2nd Birthday

  1. what a fabulous post–Love Fiona’s “Tra la la la la” at the end of the song and Willa’s sighs as she reads…so many new words….hugs from grand-mere and Grand-pere

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