Plum Island

July 2015—

Fun family vacation- we rented a house for 5 days on Plum Island.  The house was nice, we could walk to the beach and Jeff and I sat on the deck at night and admired the (lack of) nightlife.  The girls had the most fun in the afternoons when the tide was low and they could frolic in the waves.

Fi sums up our vacation

The girl’s favorite things: playing in the rolling afternoon waves, jumping off the big log at the beach, penny candy in Newburyport, breakfast on the beach, running on the sandbar, drip castles, boogie boards, riding in the bike trailer with lollipops, ice cream and the playground in Newburyport…

Our favorite things (besides watching the girl do the above-mentioned activities)— Metzie’s taco truck, cocktails on the deck and watching the night time action (it is a VERY quiet island…), coffees on the beach, our anniversary…

playing in the waves   Willa takes a digger in the waves at the end of this one, but jumps right back up and into the water =)

Willa back in the water

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