Beach days

Multiple, multiple beach days in OL this summer. We are so lucky to have grown up on the beach in CT.  I knew it was special when I was younger, but now I understand even better.  The quiet tumble of the waves in the morning… Long walks carrying one of my girls in my arms. Watching them play on the same beach that my best friend Liz and I did as kids at Oakridge… Waving at the trains passing by… Catching crabs on the same jetty that I did as a child….  Chasing Willa down the beach and carrying her back under my arm (apparently, just as my mom did with me =)  And now new memories- Maddie taking Fi to the “faraway Island” (a stretch of beach you can only get to at low tide on Griswold Point), swimming out to the second sandbar and playing sea monsters, Mel digging the girls GIANT holes to play in, Willa falling asleep in my arms in the late afternoon…

2 thoughts on “Beach days

  1. And so the “Beach Days ” scrapbooks go on…love these shots–they made us smile..this morning….the girls are really “mermaids” in disguise….;–))))
    hugs to all Love Grand-mere and Grand-pere

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