24 Weeks

July 2015- 24 Weeks of swim lessons and one visit from Aunt Mel later and Fi can swim!  I mean, really swim- like jump off the edge of the pool, pop up and swim across to the other side of the pool.

Swim lessons this past winter were a mixed bag- one week she seemed confident and would jump off the edge (holding the instructors hands) and the next week she would barely get in the pool…  Then summer hit, we set up our pool and Jeff was in there with her like 3 times a day.  Days when we weren’t in the pool, we were at the lake.  Then one day at the lake, I noticed that Fi was starting to jump off of the dock and when she “swam” she started to pick up her feet for a second or two.  She just seemed ready and unafraid.

All it took was one day with Mel.  I swear, Mel can get kids to do things they had no idea they could do,  Mel swam out into the lake with Fi and let her go =) Literally, sink or swim… And she swam.  It was amazing- she was sooo proud of herself and I was too.  For some reason, maybe because it made her seem like such a big kid, it seemed like such a big milestone to me…

All of a sudden, she loved the water, going into the pool and jumping in (while yelling “Cowabunga” like Ty).

Fi swims for the first time!!!

Another shot at the lake

Swimming in the pool

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