A winter I’d like to forget…

I started this six months ago…about time to finish it so I can write about the good stuff…

I’ve always disliked the winter— I’m always cold anyways, so…  and snow, I don’t ski, so, I’m not really a fan, other than it’s a good excuse to sit inside and drink hot chocolate.  But this winter, really packed it’s punches extra hard.

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed…  I could handle that, except that the girls had all sorts of issues this winter, so I did not sit by the fire and sip hot cocoa, I drove to the ER, the doctor, the pulmonologist, and the audiologist, the hospital, all in the stupid snow…

ok, here’s the rundown of our winter— we had some fun days in the snow, playing outside, building igloos,blah, blah, blah.  Christmas was fun and the girls were excited and super cute, but they were sick. Poor girls.  They got sick around Christmas and, Fi especially, stayed that way all winter…

The Ridiculous Rundown—


  1. Failed a hearing test at her 18 month doctor’s appointment (no big deal we were told, false positives all the time…)
  2. Diagnosed with a significant hearing loss due to fluid in her ears
  3. Had surgery (her third one in 18 months…) to have tubes put in her ears
  4. Started weekly speech therapy sessions to help her “catch up”
  5. Tubes did the job, she can hear!!
  6. It took her a long time, but she’s starting to talk—- best thing in the world to hear our girl say “Mama” or “Dada”


  1. Got sick in December and ended up at the ER because of breathing trouble– rapid, rapid, she couldn’t catch her breath
  2. chest X-rays and nebulizers
  3. Next cold— breathing trouble again- back to the doc and referred to a pulmonologist- even with a nebulizer, couldn’t control her rapid breathing
  4. the preventative meds that they put her on made her sick… THREE different meds… All bad news…
  5. Another cold, another ER trip… Another X-ray…
  6. sleepless night spent in her bed, listening to her breath so fast I didn’t know how she could keep up…
  7. Spring hit and we decided to hope for the best thru the summer and just try an inhaler for the onset of symptoms, so far so good. We will see what the fall and winter bring…

Check out this video of all the snow…

So much SNOW!!!!!!

One thought on “A winter I’d like to forget…

  1. I love these pix–boy you sure did have a tough Winter–may this one just include fun times…fingers crossed for no more blizzards….hugsx2 Grand-mere and Grand-pere Love you all….;–)))

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