REWIND: Halloween

This always seems to happen— I let months go by without posting- lots of things I want to keep track of, but alas, no time to keep up…  So the guilt catches up with me and I spend a week publishing a flurry of posts to catch up on the past few months.  So, here I go.


This is the first year that Halloween was a real occasion for Fi- she understood what was coming, picked out her own costume and enjoyed all the festivities- including a party at her preschool.  Complete with waking up the next morning and asking if we could go treat-or-treating again that night 😉

Fi singing 5 Little Pumpkins at School

I have to say, that the night was not without its moments- I think that the girls had a great time, but there were moments of absolute torture for Jeff and . Like, when we were about to leave to go out trick-or-treating and Fi walked in the room with black  all over her face– apparently, I had somehow left the face paint within her grasp and she decided to do her own makeup.  Sounds about right for Fi, always wants to do things her way… lol.

Fi was all about walking up to houses on her own and saying trick-or-treat!  and Willa did not want to be left out of the fun—- they were really cute 🙂

So, the night ended as we thought it might would the way things were going.  Fi took one last fall while running up to a house (“Fi, don’t run, you don’t want to fall” for the nine millionth time…) She cried hysterically and we carried both kiddos back to the car and sped home.  We all snuggled on the couch for a bit, ate a ton of candy and all the treachery of the evening was forgotten 🙂

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