Another Birthday Bender…

How do these birthdays seems to last all week?!?!?!  It all started with a lovely family party last Saturday and ended with a perfect trip to the farm with our friends just this past Saturday…  with special snacks for preschool, indoor play park, special lunch out with daddy, cake, cookies, cupcakes, all packed in between…  It was all worth it, it was a wonderful week and Fi’s excitement made it all so fun, but I need a week of sleep to recover, lol

These videos will one day be valuable blackmail leverage… hehehe…

Fi singing with her new microphone

More singing…

Willa getting in on the act…

At Fi’s three-year old check up, her doctor was very pleased with her development (she laughs every time we see her at Fi’s amazing conversational abilities…) This was the first time that Fi really remembered that she was going to have shots and she was ready…  First time she has really fought getting a shot, and then the kicker was that she had to have blood drawn afterward…  Good times… They said we could have gone back another day for the blood draw, but seriously, really, ruin another morning? No thank you, she was a trooper and all was forgiven when she had a lollipop in the car afterward…

Stats at her check-up:

Height: 38.25 inches (79%)

Weight: 34 pounds (81%)



One thought on “Another Birthday Bender…

  1. Do you want to build a Snowman? (expurgated version):

    Do you want to build a snowman?
    Do you want to be a snowman?
    Go away Anna.
    OK Bye.

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