Willa’s First Birthday

Willa’s Vital Stats at one year:

height: 30 3/4 inches (93%) weight: 21 pounds (70%)

She gained two pounds in one month!!!  I was so happy because from May until August 1st, she had lost weight, not gained- albeit, she lost only a few ounces, but still…  but I think the combination of daily antibiotics, being sick several times this summer, and oh yes, the two major surgeries kept her weight down…  but in August, she as done with antibiotics, and started eating, and eating, and eating…

She does so many wonderful things- she loves to climb, run, and play.  She understands everything you say, but has been slow to talk (I think maybe she doesn’t have time to get a word in edgewise…)

Words she says:

Dada, mommy (only on occasion when she is sobbing…) gege (doggy)  But the word she says all the time is “Hi!”  She walks around the house all day, “Hi,” “Hiya,”

She just “quacked” like a duck for the first time yesterday 😉 and can show you her mouth, eyes, and belly.  She also blows kisses, sticks out her tongue, and shakes her head no (especially when she is all done with food.

Talking, not really, but anything to do with moving around, she excels at- she has been walking forever, runs, climbs on tables and chairs, uses stools to climb onto the couch.  She uses a spoon and can eat on her own…

We spent a few wonderful days celebrating her first birthday- A big party with family and friends- a beautiful day for a bbq, kids swimming in the pool, cake, presents, the works…  Then, the night before Willa’s bday, we had a fire outside and made s’mores.  And then on her real birthday, we went to the beach near Gloucester and enjoyed a perfect day in the waves.

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