School Days…

Fi started preschool this fall!!!  She goes two mornings a week to a little preschool— she has two loving and caring teachers who have embraced her spunky personality.  I was a bit worried when she started as we were going through a “rough phase” with her behavior.  Only one little problem has arisen— a couple of times she has wandered from the group on their walks- heading out into a parking lot, before they were able to corral her.  The first time her teacher told me about it, the second time she broke into tears when she saw me and said, “Mommy, I did that thing in the parking lot again…”  That was early on and she has been staying with the group lately.

Other than the “walk incidents” she has done great, made friends, and seems to love going.  They do lots of projects as evidenced by the paint she is covered in every Tuesday and Thursday, sing, dance, and play outside.  She loves to talk about the shapes, letters, and colors that they are learning about. The other day, she said to me, “Mommy, I had a long day at school.  I’m glad to be home with you.”  Sweetie.

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