Two Perfect Days

These two days we spent as a family in late August are the types of days I would read about on other people’s blogs and think, “really, it couldn’t have gone that well?” or “what am I doing wrong?”  But now, I know these perfect days are possible, if only once in a blue moon…

Our typical days are pretty great- playing at home, at the lake, or taking a walk.  But there are always chunks of whining, crying or disobedience…  that’s just the way it goes, I suppose with two “saucy” girls.  But these couple of days, were just great- kids napped, ate, had fun, and nobody threw a tantrum when it was time to go…

Day 1: Boston- we spent the day in Boston with no real plan, no crazy museum itinerary— just the public garden, swan boats, and carousel on the agenda.  Willa slept on the way in and way back home.  Fi slept on the way home.  Girls enjoyed the swan boat, played in the park and rode the carousel a whole bunch of times.  Even when we went to this crazy, yet totally delicious diner, the girls were patient with us, while we waited in line in 110 degree heat in front of the griddle in order to get our food…

Day 2: Beach— On Willa’s birthday we decided to go to the beach up on the North Shore near Gloucester.  We played in the waves and ran around on the sandbar.  Three foot little waves were rolling in and there were times I had to grab Fi and Willa and jump up and over the waves.  Both girls loved it!!  Each of the girls curled up in our laps and ate their lunches, Willa took a nap in my arms while Fi and Jeff played in the waves.  It was just so fun!!!  This was on the heals of a great party for Willa with our fam and friends, s’mores the night before, then another cake that night.  Willa had quite the birthday bender.  Our beautiful, healthy girl deserved every minute of it!

Fi singing to Willa

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