Our First Baby

Yes, I’m talking about Kota… She was our first baby.  I made Jeff promise me that when we bought a house, I could get a dog (he got a drum set).  An interesting turn of events brought Kota to us, so, in my mind, the story of how Kota came to be ours was all fate.

Back in 2008, we had just bought our house.  It had been two weeks of furious painting, cleaning, and unpacking.  For some reason, one afternoon, I pitched a fit.  I don’t often do this (at least I don’t think so 😉  But I got all mad and said that we had been in the house two weeks and I hadn’t gotten a dog.  So, it was just before the shelter in Nashua is about to close, but we head up there anyway- just to “turn in paperwork…”

Well, we get there and walk through the doors and one of the volunteers, says, “I have the perfect dog for you.”  She brings us to meet “Bumblebee,” an eight month old “lab mix” (really a hound as we have come to find out when we hear her howl, Lol)  “Bumblebee” sees the volunteer coming, gets excited, and then rolls onto her back for a scratch.  We take “Bumblebee” for a “walk”  more like a tug…  Jeff and I sit on a bench in the woods and say to each other, “Are we really going to do this?”  Jeff is actually the one who convinces me and we head back and tell the volunteer we want to adopt her.  She says, “Oh good, because if you weren’t going to take her, then this woman was…”  So that’s why I feel like my fit was fate.  If we hadn’t gone up there that night, we never would have Kota… So we cradled this poor shaking dog who smelled like pee, all the way home.   Obviously, we got her home, bathed her, changed her name from Bumblebee to Kota and the rest would be history…

Kota has been there for so much going on in our lives.  She has spent our first Christmas with us in our home, been there through ice storms, power outages,  pregnancies, bringing babies home, birthdays, etc…  She has hiked with us, been to Old Lyme a million times, had vacations at Grandmere’s, played in the sand and in the snow, and had many, many treats.  She is amazing with our children— so patient and is teaching them how to be gentle and kind with animals.   She has endured fur pulling, ear pulling, and tail pulling.  Fi was pretty rough in her younger days…  Willa went through a quick phase of ear pulling, but since then has just loved to pat (or bang) on Kota’s back or belly.  And she has just started to say, “Gee.” Kota is loyal and protective of all of us. Fi told us the other day that she loved Kota more than any other dog in the world.  She also nicknamed her “Kotsie.”

Priceless, all of it. we love you, Kota.

One thought on “Our First Baby

  1. Oh what a great post on my “favorite” doggie, too. Kota is just so special; such a sweetie; –one in a million. Your first baby is a wonder Dog. We love you, too, ‘Kota.
    hugs and treats, Grand’mere and Grand-pere….(p.s. if you come to our house, you can sleep “in” the bed lol)

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