Clean Bill of Health

Willa had her ultrasound in early August and was given a clean bill of health.  Her ultrasound revealed that her kidney had almost returned to its true size (it was enlarged because of the reflux).

Things looked so good that we were able to stop giving her a daily does of antibiotics and we won’t have to go back to the urologist for a whole year!  Things could not be better!

And since Willa has been off the antibiotics, she has been eating better and her acid reflux has cleared up— which meant we were able to stop giving her Zantac on a daily basis.  I’m so happy to have her off all MEDS!!

She is totally thriving and we couldn’t be happier or more thankful.


2 thoughts on “Clean Bill of Health

  1. This is so wonderful both for you two and for Willa. I cannot believe that she is a whole year old already! She must be enjoying her exclusive “with my Mommy” time while Fiona is in preschool (gulp! I really cannot believe that!) on Tues/Thurs. Hope Fi is enjoying choosing her little snack packs…Love and hugs, Grand’mere

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