So, we are through with both of Willa’s surgeries and she is doing great!  So, hopefully, this has resolved all of her issues with her kidneys.  We go back in early August for an ultrasound and a definitive answer on that!


June 9th Surgery- Everything went really smoothly, she was admitted, prepped for surgery and I was able to go into the OR with her and hold her while they put her to sleep.  She just really peacefully drifted off while I sang quietly in her ear.  The hardest part was putting her down and walking out.

So, this surgery went as well as could be expected- the surgeon was able to do everything he wanted— diverted  the misplaced ureter and solved the reflux problem.  He did have to leave a stent in her ureter in order for it to properly heal.  Which meant a second surgery in order to remove the stent.  The surgery lasted about 2-3 hours…  Not sure how long we sat there…  Willa was really groggy that afternoon and evening.  She slept a ton…  Unfortunately, I did not.  I laid by her bedside and every time the nurse came in (which was every half hour or so) I was up to make sure everything was okay.  At around 5am, she started to have bladder spasms (caused by the stent), so Willa was terribly upset.  We got her some medicine, the spasms subsided and she fell back to sleep- an hour later, she was standing in her crib, rattling the bars, and smiling.  Totally fine, ready to go…  So by about 11:00am the next morning, we were discharged and on our way home.  Amazing little girl!  The next month went well- her incision sight healed quickly, Willa was back to her old self.  The only thing that continued to plague us were the bladder spasms- poor Willa would be fine and then suddenly start to cry and arch her back, you could feel her little belly seize up.  We continued to give her medicine for the spasms, but they intermittently seemed to slip in.

Surgery #2 July 14th

After waiting almost 2 hours to get the surgery started, it was over in a half hour!  The surgeon quickly pulled the stent out and Willa was in recovery before we knew it!  They woke her, checked vitals and sent us home— she has been doing great ever since.  No more bladder spasms, she is back to her old self!

Phew, hopefully, this is all behind us.

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