A Walker and A Swimmer

Suddenly, both girls seem so big to me— Willa walking, Fi swimming…

Willa is completely up on two feet now- walking is her preferred mode of transportation- she just pushes herself off the floor with ease and takes off.  She is fast now- She can almost run across the room when there is something she is trying to get to before you can stop her…

Early on- first steps   This video is hilarious because it shows how determined she is to walk- keeps falling, but just gets back up and tries again!

I’ll have to add a video here of her walking now- she just takes off and goes!

And not to be outdone, Fi has started swimming all on her own (with a bubble…) For seven weeks of swim lessons she refused to let go of us in the pool…  Then over July fourth weekend, my sister got her to let go in her pool while wearing her bubble- she was scared, but did it and that’s all it took—- after two dips in our pool, she flat out refused to let us hold her hands while she swam- she wants to do it on her own!  At the lake, she is now totally independent in the water- she can swim around and doesn’t need us to hold onto to her.  Yippee!

She’s a swimmer!

Willa is a little fish as well— she loves the pool, the lake, the ocean…  playing in the sand, eating the sand, swimming, etc…  She doesn’t like to have help while she walks in the water by the shore- she swats my hand away if I attempt to help her and so she inevitably falls- most times I catch her, but she has taken a couple of faces full of water- which amazingly doesn’t seem to phase her…

Pool Time

Other fun times from recent weeks…

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