The Fun Stuff

Sometimes between the sleepless nights (if Willa sleeps through the night, then Fi usually comes crawling into our room 3 times), temper tantrums and fights with both kiddos about naps, you forget about all the really good stuff that makes all those “other things” worth the effort…

Fi started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago— she loves the IDEA of the water and jumping in, but when the times comes to do it, she quickly goes down onto her bottom and slides gently into the pool.  She does love the kicking on the steps…

On Mother’s Day, we went to the beach near Gloucester- a perfect day at the beach, warm, sunny, and the girls had fun!

A few weeks ago, I took the girls to the Children’s Museum in Boston— Fi had the best time!  Playing in bubbles, water, building, climbing and we even saw a short show of the “Three Little pigs.”  The best part was… they asked for audience participation and Fi got up there and “played the part” of Patsy Pig.  She really stood there in awe of what was happening and tugged on her “costume” (a hat), but it was soooooo cute, I almost cried…

Fi as “Patsy Pig.”

Hanging out in the yard, gardening, and taking walks…


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