Fi’s Articulation Errors

I originally typed this at the beginning of APRIL… and never published it… Ooops…

Some of my favorite things that Fi says are the “errors” in her speech…

Sometimes, the way she says a word is wrong, i.e. “Me too” is “Me toop.”  But sometimes, the word is unfamiliar to her so, she turns it into something that makes sense— like… The place where we go in the grocery store to get lunch meat and cheese is the deli, but that word makes no sense to her, so she calls it the “jelly.”

Prince song, Raspberry Beret is “Raspberry Hurray”

A receipt is a “Prezeit”

“I Mam” = “I am”

And how can you resist her little voice when she repeats a little line from one of her tv shows- ” Mom, you love me just the way I mam.”

Fi also continues her daredevil ways— “Mom did you HEAR that big jump?” This is when she is jumping off the ottoman in the living room and I am in the kitchen.  She also likes to jump from said ottoman onto the couch. Recently, we went to a new indoor playground and Fi conquered this huge slide!

      big slide


Fi LOVES to jump in puddles








Fi alsIMAG0253o has a fascination with the birds at the bird feeder.  We sit at the breakfast table each morning, looking out onto the deck,  talking about what birIMAG0252ds we see, what they look like, and what they might  be doing.





Potty training seems to be complete for the time being.  Fi is still in a diaper for nap (which I think we could probably do away with…) and at night.  But all day everyday, she is dry.   Most times she will go into the bathroom on her own and can be entirely independent…  No need for pops in the tub anymore for a “dry” day— but she was so cute in this little video…

Pop in the Tub

Fun times at home…

IMAG0367 - Copy

IMAG0363 - Copy IMAG0278IMG_8381      IMG_8180 IMG_8545 IMG_8391












Out and about…





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