School of Hard Knocks…

Willa is one the move all the time these days- I swear she has a sixth sense for the most dangerous or destructive places in the house and makes a beeline for them…  She likes to try to crawl into shelves, stand up using a stool to pull herself up that s destined to fall on top of her, and pulls herself up in doorways, doorways full of sharp corners…  She has the typical permanent bruise in the middle of her forehead most days…  Oh and her other favorite spot… crawling towards and dumping out the dog’s water bowl…  Then howls once she is all wet…





Yes, those are dog toys…


But all this hard work has paid off- she crawls up on her knees now, pulls herself up (which sh has been doing for about a month), and has started to cruise around on toys and using the couch to hold on.  She will pull herself up, start playing with a toy and let go, with only her belly balancing on something to keep her erect- she has even let go and stood on her own for a few seconds at a time.  Walking is not far behind…

Willa pulling herself up

IMAG0598 IMAG0017



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