Milestones Abound

Both of our girls have been growing so fast lately—


Right after Christmas, she left her binkies for the “binkie fairy.”  The next morning she received a couple of presents and a note.  The transition went relatively smoothly, no major meltdowns and she only asked for one a couple of times- It does however, take her a LONG time to fall asleep for nap and at night now…

One of her last naps with a binkie (we were at Grandmere and Grandpere's house for Christmas).

One of her last naps with a binkie (we were at Grandmere and Grandpere’s house for Christmas).

Loot from the binkie fairy

Loot from the binkie fairy

Also right after Christmas, (maybe we were pushing our luck doing these two things at the same time, but fortunately it worked out…)  Fi started wearing underwear all the time!!!  She only wears a diaper at nap and at night time.  At first she had lots of accidents, this transition did not go so smoothly…  But after a few days, she really seemed to get it and now is dry most days all day…  AND for a “perfect potty day,” she gets to have a Popsicle in the tub which is a major incentive for her!

Fi’s drawing are starting to be more than, well, scribbles… She can draw a circle and add some “stuff” that looks like eyes, nose, mouth and hair- she loves to sit at the counter in the kitchen and draw with crayons, markers, and pencils.  She likes to paint and play with her play dough.  Happily chatting while I cook dinner or feed Willa- always talking 🙂





Mel, Maddie, Hayley, and Ty


Fi no longer says, “Self, oh self” when she wants to do something on her own…  she just does it.  She carries her little stool from the bathroom all over the house to help her “reach things”  such as light switches, Chapstick and dangerous things on the counter…  This independent streak pays off in some ways too- she clears her own dishes to the sink, cleans up her toys (at times), takes off her coat and shoes when we get home and puts them on the bench, and the other day she put her own shoes on when we were getting ready to go to gymnastics.  I almost cried- it just made her seem so grown up!

Taa-daa!  I can put on my own shoes!

Taa-daa! I can put on my own shoes!


Willa easily rolls over, holds her head up and when on her tummy already moves her arms and legs like she is getting ready to crawl— Watch out world, she is going to be mobile soon…

Willa now likes to knock over block towers and easily manipulates her toys.


Right after Christmas- she started eating solid foods- her first foods were oatmeal and applesauce.  Since then, she has had peaches, pears, cantaloupe, sweet potato, peas, carrots, green beans.  So far, she has liked it all. It only took her a few meals to get the hang of it and start to swallow some- she is still a mess after each meal, but most of it is now getting down the hatch!   This week, we will try (very watery) mashed potatoes and mango, yum!

IMAG0893      IMG_8034  IMG_8026 IMG_8013

One of Willa’s first meals

Willa loves the music class that we go to on Tuesdays- she smiles and laughs while I clap her feet to the music and puts the drumsticks in her mouth while we play.

A major milestone for Jeff and I… Lol…  We went out in the middle of December– it was our first time out on our own since Willa was born.  We went to a concert in Boston while Mel watched the kids— we had a fantastic time- good music, good friends, good beer- we stayed out way too late, but was well worth it- we had a BLAST!


yes, we were at what you might consider a “metal show” as advertised by the “horns” behind our head…


Some of my recent favorite pics of the girls…

IMAG0856  IMAG0007 IMAG0017 IMAG0023 IMAG0031 ry%3D480IMAG0013

As I’m writing this, I realize how much has happened in a short amount of time right after the holidays… and all of this has been happening while poor Jeff has had a broken arm- apparently this baby and 2 year old thing was too easy for us- we needed a little challenge…

yeah, right…  Cgosms_2014-01-0702-25-33

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