Fi Turns Two

Vital Stats:

Height: 35 1/2 inches (93%)          Weight: 30 pounds (86%)

Fi only got her flu shot (and she did not cry!!!- first time!!)

Fi also had blood drawn- she was so good- let them take her blood and only cried when she saw the blood go into the tube- nothing some stickers didn’t quickly cure 🙂

So, If you ask Fi how old she is, she replies, “Six years old.”  No idea where “Six years old” came from, but alas, that would be Fi…


She is an amazing little girl— full of energy, laughter, and NEVER stops moving or talking.  She makes me laugh all the time.  We play hide and seek, take walks in the woods and around the block, swim at the lake, paint pictures, use Playdough,  play in the backyard, pick veggies from the garden and eat them, read books, sing songs, run errands, say hi to people in the grocery store, and dance.

IMG_6771     IMG_6784      IMG_6499       IMG_6351     IMAG0518    IMG_6461 IMG_6465 IMG_6466  IMG_6386      IMG_6327 IMG_6320 IMAG0498          IMAG0496(1) IMAG0474       IMAG0558

Fiona has to do most things by herself these days by proclaiming, “Oh self!” and grabbing whatever it is she wants to do on her own.  She loves to help all the time too- Sit on the kitchen counter with me and mix the pancake and cookie batter, move the laundry to the dryer, and bathe her sister.  Let me explain “helping…”  Mixing the batter until it is splattered all over the counter, bringing her stool over to the washer to help throw clean and dirty laundry in, emptying Willa’s dresser drawers, while she tell me she is “doing laundry,” and splashing her own washcloth all around the bathroom while she helps to give Willa a bath.  All the while, she has a giant grin on her face…

“Helping with Willa…” IMG_6574 IMG_6528

Since Daddy has gone back to work this fall, Fi has been doing “work” of her own.  She gets her Magna Doodle, sits up in the glider in Willa’s room and tells me, “Mommy, Fi doing work.”  Very serious business…  Or she sits scribbling at the table with paper and pencil and says that she’s “doing work.”   She also goes on imaginary errands: she gets baby in her stroller, gets one of her purses, fills it with stuff, hangs it on the stroller and says, “Bye, Mommy.”  When I ask her where she’s going… Sometimes it’s “the park, grocery store, or Jack’s house.”  She rolls baby out and into the library and comes back a minute later and shouts, “I’m back, Mommy!”  Again, huge smile on her face…

Fiona has also developed her own taste in music— we have a mix of songs that Fi has approved- most of them she knows the title, artist, and sings (at least) the chorus.  She dances around to her favorites and most she has little moves that are unique to the song.

Beatles– Octopus’ Garden, Yellow Submarine, Blackbird      Wilco- Way over Yonder (“Yonder, minor key” or the “Pretty Song”, I’m a Wheel (“Wilco screams!”)   Bob Marley (“Charley”)- Three Little Birds, Get up Stand up      Feist (“The lady who sings with Elmo.”)– 1,2,3,4       REM– Stand,  Shiny Happy People        Phish– Bathtub Gin, Bouncing Around the Room      Jerry Garcia (Mimi sings this one to Fi) Teddy Bears’ Picnic     Jayhawks- Blue (“Stop and look at what’s going down” at these lyrics, Fi drops whatever she is doing and bends over towards the floor).

Favorite Books: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; Go Dog, Go!  Koala Lou By Mem Fox, Score One for the Sloths by Helen Lester, Buster by Denise Felmming, Ralph By Lois Elhert, Is your Mama a Llama?, Duck on a Bike, Farmer Duck, Princess of the Potty, 1,2,3 by Alison Jay, Hilda Crumm’s Hats

We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with our families, friends and our own little celebration.  Between all the “big sister gifts” and birthday gifts- she has been a lucky girl opening presents all the time lately.

Family Party 10/13/13 IMG_6399                 IMG_6790 IMG_6434 IMG_6417IMG_6425   IMG_6855     IMG_6868    IMG_6860  IMG_6888     IMG_6908       IMG_6982

“Happy Birthday to Fi!”

Fi loves her new doll house!

Kid Party with Jack, Ava, Sadie, and James        IMG_7075 IMG_7084   IMG_7093     IMG_7108     IMG_7087   IMG_7085

Our own little celebration…

IMAG0542    IMG_7027IMG_6451     IMG_6450  IMG_7064

Love this two-year-old!  IMAG0562

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