The Arrival of Willa Rose

Our sweet, sweet girl took her time arriving— I don’t know why, but this pregnancy seemed longer than the last— maybe it was because this time I was trying to chase a two-year old around the yard in the August heat…

Willa Rose Holleran arrived on August 25, 2013- an extra special day as it is my Mom’s birthday!  As soon as my due date hit (August 22nd)- I started trying everything to induce labor- spicy foods, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming.  Apparently, vacuuming the the stairs was the magic trick…  That evening, I jumped out of bed at 1:30am and my water broke.  I tried to calmly wake Jeff up and whispered to him, “Jeff my water just broke- I can’t move…”  He jumped up and started getting ready to head to the hospital.  Jeff and I had just been talking about how the middle of the night, about 2am would be the worst time for us to have to go to the hospital— so, of course, that is exactly when it happened.

My first phone call, even before I called the doctor, was to my Mom and Dad— they were up and out the door faster than I was (You’re the best, Mom and Dad!!) As soon as my water broke, my contractions started, and ramped up quickly.  Jeff packed the car and I carried a sleeping Fi out, wrapped up in a blanket.  I watched the clock as we drove to the hospital, all the while knowing that my contractions were getting closer together and more intense (trying to keep this fact from Jeff so he wouldn’t get nervous- didn’t work out so well- he was watching the clock and my face, so he knew…).  We finally arrived at the hospital with Fi in toe and got comfortable in my room.  They checked me in and were surprised when they realized how far along I was and that this baby was coming soon.  My parents arrived just in time- my Mom arrived first and swept Fi out of my room- She was going to take her home, but the nurse told my Mom to wait, that “She could meet her next grandchild in about 20 minutes…”

What?!?!?! Wait, I need my epidural!  was my first thought!  I did get the epidural, but WIlla came so fast that it didn’t really make a difference- in less than 3 hours from when my water broke at home, WIlla arrived as a perfect bundle of joy.

Unfortunately, I had some unforeseen complications after the delivery that left me  weak and in need of a blood transfusion.  Fortunately, I had an amazing doctor, a loving husband who stayed by my side with Willa (who had to get everything for me for two days, as I was stuck in bed), and devoted parents who took perfect care of Fiona.  After a scare like that, you can’t help but feel blessed and lucky for all the wonderful people in your life and for the perfect little family that you’ve created.


Willa Rose Holleran born on August 25, 2013 at 4:16am

8 pounds, 6 ounces   21 inches long

  IMG_6126     IMG_6141           IMG_6179         IMG_6182     IMG_6144  IMG_6206

Fi singing to Willa

Fi and Willa

Good morning. Willa

IMG_6247         IMG_6249              IMG_6240   IMG_6271


IMG_6636                            IMG_6468

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