Summer Fun

We spent July Fourth in Old Lyme with the fam— we visited with Cherie, spent  time at the beach, hit the carousel, had ice cream, and Jeff and I even got to spend a night out at my friend, Caroline’s wedding.  Fiona had a great time with Mimi and Grampy!!  Fi has taken to playing piano with her Grand-mere- she loves to hear “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and even fills in some notes and words.  She also was in awe when she listened to Grand-mere play “more complicated” pieces.

IMG_5725   IMG_5891   IMG_5734

Fi playing the piano with Grand-mere!

IMG_5823     IMG_5835      IMG_5779 IMG_5770      IMG_5743

The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston!

IMG_5949   IMG_5931    IMG_5914

Our second visit to Boston of the summer— First we went to the aquarium,  Fi was her spunky, curious self- tearing around the aquarium checking out all the sea life.  Then after lunch, playtime at the park, and a ride on the T— Fi was a perfect angel and took a nap in her stroller while Jeff and I relaxed on a park bench in the Public Garden.  When she woke up, we fed the ducks and rode on the Swan Boats.  It was a beautiful and exhausting day!

IMG_5963  Aquarium and lunch by the Harbor IMG_5978

download (5)riding the T- She made friends with many people with smiles, waves, and her trademark, “Hi, Hi, Hi!”

download (4)All this sightseeing makes a little one tired… IMG_6011 sitting on the Make Way for Ducklings StatueIMG_5992           IMG_5993  Swan Boats!

feeding the ducks

Beach Day at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester.  The weather was amazing and and the tide was perfect.  It started low, and got even lower.  Fi had fun digging in the sand, running and running on the large sandbar, and playing in the waves.

playing at the beach

IMG_6074         download1

download        IMG_6070

Parlee Farms- we visited the animal barn and went peach picking.  I think my favorite part fo the day was that Fiona wore her sunglasses (and ridiculous pigtails) all morning- it was too cute!    IMG_6098IMG_6124    IMG_6120     IMG_6107

Well, there are the highlights…  In addition to all these outings, we have spent so many fun days at home in the pool, sandbox, and hanging out.  Fi has had many play dates with her friends Ava, Sadie (and new baby James!!!!!) and Jack.

FINALLY getting to hold Baby James- Liz’s new little boy downloaddownload (4)               IMG_5746                                                     bubbles at the library                  breakfast with her buddy the tree frog…

playing in the pool

download (1)Fi’s latest adventure- riding on the back of Daddy’s bike!

One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. WOW–she gets around! Love her gazing at the monkey statue with her own monkey–funny! I love her at the piano and with Cherie, too. Another fabulous pictorial of our sweetie growing up….love Julie/Mom/Grand’mere

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