Serious Hiatus…

It’s been so long that I don’t even know where to begin.  In the past three months Fi has changed a million times over.

She talks, and talks, and talks…  She talks to us, she talks to herself, she talks to her babies and stuffed animals.  She babbles away in the car, in the tub, in the sandbox…  You get my point.  She speaks in almost all phrases now- 3- 4 words strung together- she can sing songs, fill in the blanks on nursery rhymes, and brings books she wants read to her and tell us the title.

Her gross motor skills have changed so much as well.  She can now jump (and get her feet off the ground)- which she loves to do- she counts, “1,2,3!!!!” and then jumps!  She is relatively independent on the playground too- she climbs the stairs, scoots through the tunnels and flies down the slide.  We’ve also been to the lake a lot this summer where she digs in the sand, walks in the water, swims with my help while kicking her feet and jumps off the dock.

Fi’s first time in the moon bounce

IMG_5960      IMG_5968download 3

download   download (2)    download (1)

Fi loves being outside- whether it is on a walk in orchard (rain or shine), at the lake or beach, or just hanging in the backyard- she is a happy girl.  She love, love, loves her sandbox in the backyard and building drip castles with Daddy,  She also loves her “kiddie pool” on the deck- she can spend and afternoon climbing in and out, gathering water from it and dumping it on the deck and filling and refilling buckets.

download   download (5     download (4 IMG_5887   IMG_5837

Some of my favorite things she does right now…

– listening to her feet run across the kitchen floor when I’m upstairs.

– sings “Ring Around the Rosie” all by herself.  “Rock-a-rosie, Pock-a-posie, asses, asses, fall down”!

Ring Around the Rosie

Ring around the Rosie with her doll

– playing “hide and seek” with us- she runs into the other room and “counts to 10” while we hide.  “Hide, Seek… Hide Seek!” She’ll say and then run away.  As she runs away, she’ll stop and say, “no peeking!”  After counting to about 3, she runs back into the living room and goes, “hmmm…” while she looks for you.  She has also starting playing with her stuffed animals, although she has a bit of an advantage since SHE  hides them herself…

Hide and seek with Teddy

– constant hugs and kisses and cuddles.

– baking, painting, and drawing

– IMG_5691     IMG_5517     IMG_5468

– the way Fi curls up on the couch with me to read books.

– Her patience with waiting for her “sister” to arrive.

– hugs, kisses, and pats for her sister (on my belly).

IMG_5662 IMG_5642 IMG_5636

– Her amazing memory for people, names, and things we’ve done

LOVE, love, love this girl!

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