Spring has Sprung

In April, (yes, again, I’m tardy in posting here…)  Fi turned 18 months old and had a glowing report from her doctor- here are her stats:

weight: 26 pounds, 8 oz. (90th%)

height: 35 inches (off the 100% charts…)

When you ask Fi now if she is a baby or a big girl, she happily replies, “big gil!”  She astonishes me everyday with new vocabulary and phrases. She continues to LOVE books, being read to, and dancing.  Fi can count two objects and with help, counts to ten (she can do every other number … :-)) She also sings songs with me like the Hokey Pokey, ABC’s, Itsy, Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus.  She is totally into letters- we got her magnetic letters for Easter and she loves to sit on the kitchen floor with me and pull them off the dishwasher and name them!  She amazes me!  She knows the letters- M, D, F, K, B, G, C…

Some of my current favorites are:

“Tank you” (She says thank you sometimes even when she is handing something TO you…)

She brings me the C off of the dishwasher and says “C, Cookie!!”

“Pizza guy!” (Jeff mentioned the pizza guy once, now every time she goes to her play kitchen and gets out the pizza, she exclaims, “Pizza Guy!!”

“Here you go” (when she hands you something- the inflection is priceless…)

Dancing, spinning around, and getting “Zizzy,” (how she says, “dizzy”)


Playing with her buddy, Jack at the park.


Fi in her play structure- she can now go up the ladder and down the slide all on her own!


The dare devil streak continues…

IMG_5530      2013-04-30 11.40.00-1   IMG_5434 (2)

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