Fi has been doing “‘nastics” or gymnastics since the beginning of March.  She looks forward to going each week to run/jump on the tumble track, do rolls and flips, and use the balance beam.  She has gone from being timid at first to trying and mastering many new skills.  Her favorite part is, of course, getting a stamp on her hand at the end.  All week, long after the stamp has worn off her hand, she will point to it and say “stamp, nastics…”

Click here to see Fi on the Tumble Track

Video of Fi on the “small” balance beam

Video of ” floor exercises” 😉

Video of “big” balance beam

Three weeks ago, Fi wouldn’t even go near the big balance beam (clinging to me and saying, “noooo.”  and I didn’t blame her!)  First, she agreed to just sit on it. Then, up on the end…  A few steps… And now, she breezes down it like an old pro!  So amazing to watch her gain confidence, master something and feel proud!

2013-05-18 09.04.11 Net time you see Fi, ask her to show you  a front roll 😉

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