Big Girl Bed

We have spent the past few weeks setting up a new “Big Girl” room for Fiona, complete with a toddler bed.  Fi loves her new room- she has tons of space to play, new toys and books, and a big girl bed.  She loves the bed (for playing, running and flinging herself on, pretending to go “night-nights”).


Playing on her bed when we brought her in for the first time to check out her new room.

IMG_5556        IMG_5563


Kota’s only time on the new bed (I think Kota wants one of her own…


Getting ready for bed on her first night in her new room!

IMG_5578        IMG_5583

The transition was an interesting one- the first night it took 2 hours of coaxing to finally get Fi to fall asleep in the toddler bed.  She was perfectly happy, just much too busy crawling in and out, in and out, to do any sleeping.  She woke up once in the middle of the night, but I was able to get her to go back to sleep in her own bed.  The following nights, things seemed to calm down- night #2 it took and hour and a half to get her to sleep, but things progressed nicely from there,  Night three and pretty much every night since then it only take about 20 minutes to get her to sleep and she has been sleeping through the night (phew!).  The only bump in the road thus far is that she is getting up much earlier than she used to- 5:30/6:00 is waaaaaay toooo early in this house.

2013-05-18 07.38.55

“Wake Up!!” I thought I’d come find you guys. Did you know, I can get out of that bed all on my own????

Saturday morning, she burst through our bedroom door with a giant, “HI!” at 5:40 in the morning.  That time, I quickly scooped her up and cuddled up with her in our bed and she slept until 7:30 (now, that’s more like it…).  Hoping her sleep schedule returns to normal as the novelty of her new room/bed wears off- But for now, I have no complaints- she is doing awesome- I had visions of her being up three or four times a night…

On a sorta funny note, I periodically check on her with the video monitor during the night- one night she was completely out of the bed, laying on the floor (on the nice cushy pillow I left there for just this sort of occurrence ..) and one night- her head and body were in bed, but her legs were dangling (all 12 inches to the floor) out onto the floor.  Both times, I thought about the consequences of moving her and waking her, but in the end “Mommy guilt” won out and I went in and moved her back onto her bed.  Thankfully, she slept through it all.

So— so far, so good—- think good sleep thoughts for us here in the Holleran Household 🙂

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