So, yes, I’m a little slow in posting anything about Easter… It’s not too late, right???  We’ve been spending a good deal of our time outside either playing or working in the yard, so I guess that’s my excuse- good one, right????

We had a great Easter- woke up and Fi hunted for Easter eggs- she ran around the room looking for eggs and more eggs.  Of course, she wanted to stop after finding each egg, open it up and eat every piece of candy she found, but cute none the less.  Fi also found eggs for Kota which had dog treats inside— which she loved opening up a dn feeding to Kota!

video of Fi finding her first egg

Video of finding eggs

IMG_0182      IMG_5339   IMG_5354      IMG_5334 (2)   IMG_5355

Mouth FULL of candy :-)

Mouth FULL of candy 🙂

feeding Kota her Easter treats

feeding Kota her Easter treats

Then we landed in Old Lyme- visited with Cherie (Fi’s great grandmother) where Fi was a doll.  I had thought she would sit for a minute and then I would be chasing her all over the place.  But of course, she surprises me again.  She sat and “talked” with Cherie for quite some time and was super cute!  Then, I had to chase her all over the place as she wanted to say hi to everybody in Aaron Manor.  After a short visit with Grand-mere and Grand-pere, Candice and the crew, we headed over to my parents house- where Fi joined in the fun with her cousins on another Easter egg hunt.  Maddie, Hayley, and Tyler were so sweet- leading Fiona around the room helping her find treats!  Highlights for her (besides all the candy) were getting a bubble lawn mower from Mimi and Grampy and a jeep for her (fake) American Girl Doll from Melly– two things she has been playing with a ton since Easter!  I unfortunately, did not take any pictures the entire time we were in Old Lyme— Uggh!  I guess I can say we were having such a good time that I forgot~!  But that also means I didn’t take a single picture of Fi in her Easter dress which I spent a lot of effort putting together— oh well~!

One thought on “Easter

  1. This is so darling! Just love those two little videos–Such fun seeing her first hunt for Easter Eggs! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Hugs to all Grand’mere and Grand-pere

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