We had a wonderful Christmas season… picking out a tree, making Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, (putting the ornaments back on the tree every night…),  and seeing all of our wonderful friends and family.

IMG_4609 IMG_4605 IMG_4612 Picking out a tree

IMG_20121219_092941 (2)Making Christmas cookies

IMG_4740               IMG_4745 Christmas Eve

IMG_4828 IMG_4834 IMG_4823 Christmas Morning

It all seemed like a shame, but the tree came down right after Christmas, but fortunately it was to make room for Fi’s new kitchen area… which she LOVES to play in (although she still prefers my pots and pans…)

click her to see Fi playing with her kitchen

2013-01-01 09.29.34-1 2013-01-01 09.40.16  You’ll have to excuse the outfit (although, personally, it is my favorite part…. ) This what she felt like wearing on New Year’s Day morning and since we weren’t going anywhere…  Good thing the fire was going and we were toasty warm…

Happy New Year!!

One thought on “Fa-la-la-la-la…

  1. Grand-pere loves the hat and slippers!! What a riot!! Soooo darn cute. and you are right, she is one BUSY girl–she never stops going….such fun!! xxxooo’s to all

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