Dare Devil

So she has done it— Fiona has figured out how to climb from the ottoman,  onto the couch, and then run back and forth with reckless abandon (with absolutely no concern for where the edge of the couch is…)  Now I know if it is too quiet in the family room while I’m cleaning up in the kitchen, that she is climbing and I better get in there 🙂


And in the snow— Fi loves sledding down the big hill in our front yard.  We started slow, letting her go for part of the hill and catching her- she liked it.  So, we made the track a little longer, then, a little longer.  Soon, she was racing down the entire hill by herself and laughing the whole way.  Even yesterday, when she tumbled out of the sled on the way down, she just laid there perfectly still and waited for me to come over and put her back in the sled…


Fi on the bunny slope

the double diamond 🙂

Not dare devil related, but snow related… we made our first snowman yesterday and Fi loved it— she sat there eating snow (one of her other favorite past times outside right now— we have to find nice “white patches”) and watching as the snowballs got bigger and bigger.  But her favorite thing was when I was making the first snowball in my hand, Kota came over and took it from me and bit into it- Fi started hysterically laughing!  So, I made another snowball, Kota grabbed it, and Fi burst out laughing again- it was the cutest thing.  We continued to entertain Fi until Kota got tired of the snow…

IMG_5008 IMG_4996Yum!

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