Ridiculous Christmas Tree Stories…

I’m guessing that I’ll be adding to this post as the Christmas season wears on…  So far, Fi has been doing well (after about 6 hours…) with minimal destruction, only a few ornaments hitting the deck, and she has only rolled under it once!


Taking her job seriously.

1. Fi took one of those little red stocking ornaments off the tree and proceeded to try and put it on her foot like a sock.  Then, when it didn’t fit, she went over to Jeff and tried to put it on his foot 🙂

2. This morning, Fiona took the plush dog ornament off of the tree and then began to chase the dog around the house trying to give it to her…

3. Greatest number of ornaments taken off the tree in a 24 hour period: 12

4. Fi has her favorites and it is impossible to keep these on the tree 🙂

photo ornaments, plush dog, light-up Santa, knit gingerbread man, red crocheted bell…

The tree is finally down and we only had a few casualties…  The Cabbage Patch Kid lost her string, a wooden boy lost a leg (ouch!), and one is still MIA— Fievel the Mouse has gone missing.  The only thing we found was his little shirt under the tree…


the scene of the crime….


enjoying Christmas morning under the tree in her new sled!





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