Walking, Words, and ER Visits

Not sure where the last month and a half has gone…

Fi is now walking around the house like an old pro, climbing the stairs like a speedster, perfecting new words every day, and she even visited the emergency room. Yes, you read that correctly, the ER. That’s certainly one for the baby books— first emergency room visit…

One day right around Halloween Fi temperature went up, and up, and up. After doses of Tylenol AND Motrin, it was still climbing. On the last of a couple of phone calls to the doctor, they said to take her to the emergency room. Her fever had gone up to 104, she was really lethargic, and her heart was racing… So we headed out the door at about 9pm for the ER.

IMG_20121028_182510 (2)

Little Sickie at home before we left for the hospital

When we got there, the poor girl was stripped down, shivering, weighed in and temperature taken. They gave her a huge dose of Tylenol. Then, they found double ear infections as the cause of the high fever and gave her antibiotics. By morning, her fever was down and Mom and Dad were very relieved.

IMG_20121028_224644 (2)

At the hospital…

On a brighter note, Fi is a like a little sponge these days with her language acquisition— Every day she amazes me with what she understands and the new words she says…

Old words: Mommy, daddy, doggy, ya, hi, more

New stuff:
“Gu gir” (Good girl- of course, to the dog )
“Mu peee” (more, please)
“Ni, Ni” (Good night)
“Na, na, ne” (Mimi)
“Gu, gu, ge” (Grampy)
“Gu, gu pe” (Grandpere)
“Gru, ma me” (Grandmere)
“E-I-E-I-O” (Fi sings this part when we sing Old McDonald)
“Ho, Ho, ho” (like Santa)

She tries to put her socks on her feet, her hat on her head, and can point to her head, mouth, belly button, and feet. Fi still loves to play with her babies and now likes playing in her tunnel (playing peek-a-boo in and out of the tunnel) and is so proud of herself when she drags her two plastic doggies (named Skippy and Libby) around the house. If you ask her to get Skippy or Libby, she will look for her doggies and bring them to you. She also likes her cars and tracks, and recently has taken to playing the glockenspiel on a regular basis.

talking to baby

talking to baby

playing in her tunnel

Climbing in her tunnel…

We have lots of decorations up for Christmas and Fi has loved exploring and touching each and every one of them. Her favorites are the lights on the deck, the snowmen on the shelf, and of course, her advent string. It should be interesting when we get a tree this weekend… How many times a day will I be putting ornaments back on the tree??? I’m sure I’ll find a few in some strange places- will keep you posted 🙂

p.s. check back on this post— I will add a couple of videos soon…

One thought on “Walking, Words, and ER Visits

  1. Gotta love the new words–she is a busy girl; Where are you putting the tree? Can’t wait to see you all again Christmas Day Eve–Love& hugs Grand’mere
    aka Gru-ma-me :–)))

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