Mt. Watatic

Fi, Kota and I hiked Mt. Watatic the other day- it was a beautiful fall morning and we were almost the only ones on the trail. We reached the summit and had it to ourselves while we enjoyed a snack and snapped some photos. The way down was uneventful- especially so for Fiona who fell asleep as soon as we started our descent.  We ended our morning with a yummy lunch at a local diner— a well deserved reward for a tired Mommy 🙂

Starting our hike

At the summit

It’s hard work riding on Mommy’s back…

One thought on “Mt. Watatic

  1. These pix are a-MAZ-ingly cute, Lin. You are such a daring mmmmom-ee(hahaha) to take her hiking up a mt on your own. –I know you had ‘Kota along and a phone-just saying…gotta love those chapeaux…mmmmwhah!! Julie/Mom/Grand’mere

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