9/4/12 Growing Vocabulary

Fi is growing so fast.  She is cruising around the couch now and starting to let go and stand for a few moments at a time.  The real amazing growth we’ve seen lately is in her vocabulary- she seems to understand so much of what we say to her and is communicating with us regularly!

Signs Fi knows and can use: More, Water, All done, Again

We are working on— Help me, book, milk, eat

Words Fi says… with translations 🙂

Gee, gee (doggie)

Mama (mommy)

Da-de-de (Daddy)

Da (yes, ya)

Ah- da (again)

Nanananana! (loud noise she makes while wiping her mouth when she is redirected away from something like an electrical cord or the dog’s bowl)

Muuu (more, but this is new and infrequent…)

Fi can point to her head and her mouth.  We are trying to get her to find her nose, but her aim is a little off…

Animal sounds: roars (like a bear, lion, etc…), Moos,  Not a sound, but… will snap her hand like a crocodile and open and shut her hand when we sing the “Itsy, Bitsy Spider.”

Still trying to get Fi to say Mama and Daddy with more frequency and accuracy…  Working on words for:  More, Hi, Bye, night night

And of course…  When you ask  Fi how big she is or you shout “Touchdown!” you get the same response.

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