Posted in September 2012

Mt. Watatic

Fi, Kota and I hiked Mt. Watatic the other day- it was a beautiful fall morning and we were almost the only ones on the trail. We reached the summit and had it to ourselves while we enjoyed a snack and snapped some photos. The way down was uneventful- especially so for Fiona who fell … Continue reading

9/4/12 Growing Vocabulary

Fi is growing so fast.  She is cruising around the couch now and starting to let go and stand for a few moments at a time.  The real amazing growth we’ve seen lately is in her vocabulary- she seems to understand so much of what we say to her and is communicating with us regularly! … Continue reading

Last Days of Summer

We had the most wonderful time the past couple of weeks— tremendous weather allowed us to do so many fun things with Fi.  The fun began on her ten month birthday when we hiked over to the lake by our house and went swimming on a perfectly sunny afternoon… fast forward two weeks later and … Continue reading