New Tricks

In just the past three weeks, Fiona has wowed us with her new accomplishments.   First, the crawling began.  In the beginning, it was just a couple of awkward crawls with one foot dragging behind her.  Now she crawls around the house with ease.

About two weeks ago, Fi started to pull herself up on the furniture to a standing position.  She now lets go with one hand to play with a toy or both hands when she is feeling especially brazen.  When she falls down on her bottom, she looks to both Jeff and I and claps (apparently, we have been clapping and smiling in an attempt to keep Fi from crying when she falls…) No cruising or steps yet…

Fi watching the rain…

Fi stands

Drum roll, please…. Fi’s first word is “Gee, gee” or doggy.  She loves our dog so much, I just knew she would reserve the special title of first word for Kota!   Recently, Kota has been going to grab her toy to play with Fiona when she wakes up from her afternoon nap.  And, Kota really doesn’t mind all of the food that Fiona now intentionally drops off the side of her highchair for the “Gee gee.”  I think poor Kota is starting to develop some mutual interests with Fi 🙂

Fi and her “Gee gee”

Fi loves her puppy and Kota is incredibly tolerant of all Fi’s craziness!

Fi is blowing kisses now as well.  If you pucker your lips she will do the same back to you.  So sweet!

OK, last one… This past weekend, Fiona conquered the stairs at my parent’s house.  She can crawl up to them, pull herself up and go up several steps.  All of these new tricks aren’t finished until Fiona gets the attention of everyone in the room, smiles at them and claps (expecting you to clap for her as well.)

Fi climbs the stairs

Fi had a nice visit with Cherie

Very proud after climbing the stairs at Grampy and Mimi’s!

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